Working at Discomfort

Working at Discomfort.

Here’s a challenge for those of us who procrastinate endlessly about some aspect (or all aspects!) of our journey as writers.  For me, my discomfort zone is submissions. I don’t. Or not as much as I should. Often my submissions are safe. I know acceptance will come.  But what about all those wonderful places my writing could perhaps appear, if only I moved outside my comfort zone?

Thanks for the idea!





6 thoughts on “Working at Discomfort

  1. Hi, Jules! I wonder why contests are easier to enter than direct submission to magazines? I enter contests too! Even though I’ve read that acceptance in a mag for a regular submission is more likely than winning a contest. I need to think about that one awhile. C

  2. I do hope you challenge yourself this year, Carol. I’ve received personal rejections at times that have helped to strengthen my poems and the time those editors took to respond helped me feel better about the rejections.

    Keep us posted on your acceptances!

    • Thanks, Andrea! I am going to try. Meanwhile, though, I have just submitted two to a contest here in Ottawa, “Poetry for the End of the World:. The winning poem will be sent off by weather balloon! C

    • Thanks! I guess the first step is to read a lot of journals, looking for a “fit”. Sometimes the journals will have samples of previous issues online, which might be helpful. That might be part of my problem too as the idea of having so much to read before I can start rather puts me into neutral.

      :) C

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