Working at Discomfort

Carol A. Stephen


I started this challenge on the 4th of January. During this first week, I worked on and submitted two poems (ok, it was to a contest, but a new one, not the safe usual ones!)

I’ve also kept up with the challenge to complete the river of small stones, ten done so far, and this is Day 10.

I’ve been finding the last few days that the winter blahs are trying to move in, so I am pushing back in new directions to send them packing again.  Tomorrow I am going to a group pottery lesson, which is something else totally new. This will help to break up my usual intense-focus-on-one-thing-to-the-exclusion-of-all-others, which tends to add a lot of guilt to my days.  I guess my overall goal for this week is going to be to lighten up!



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