Stone 13 Noticing (who could help it?) Tojo

Most days my cat sits on my desk and I have to peer around him to see what’s on my screen.  Seemed like a small stone that I have not been paying enough attention to, so here is today’s observation of Tojo.

Tojo: guardian, critic, actor, god?

This sleek Siamese fails his true cat reputation,
not one stand-offish bone in his lithe form.
in porcelain-cat pose, he supervises every click
of keyboard, shields my eyes from harmful monitor rays.

a permanent cat-shape embeds itself centre-screen.
He censors television, too, but I wonder,
is he really saving me, or does he have some hidden
longing to be a feline star of stage and screen?

Or, is he really saying Look at me and worship?

Carol A. Stephen

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