January challenges: small stones and comfort zones



Carol A. Stephen

Day 22

sounds for a Sunday morning

clock tick and fridge hum
the rhythmic shush of shovel on snow
muted by a closed window
the slosh of slush against car wheels
the quiet when everything pauses to breathe


I had a successful result this week with my week One effort, the submitting of two poems to a contest, Poetry for the End of the World.  I was among the six finalists. I attended the fundraiser for VERSeFest, Ottawa’s new Poetry Festival, and read my poem, The Walking-Off Place in the End-Time, along with the other finalists. Although mine didn’t win, all six of the finalists’ poems were placed into a tube and then into a weather balloon and at 10 p.m. E.S.T. last night, the balloon was released. Off it sailed up into the sky. Destination the End of the World, or…? Doesn’t matter, really. What fun!

As for this week’s challenge, I am still working on lightening up and trying to find some balance rather than obsessing about things.  I have had some weight gain over the holidays, so this week I have been making a good effort to avoid chocolate and cookies (and cakes, and pies, and fudge and….!)  I have done reasonably well at that, other than a small treat last night while having dinner out with a friend. But I watched my portions, so I am not counting that as bad.

6 thoughts on “January challenges: small stones and comfort zones

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