Carol A. Stephen







This week, my intentions were good, but I didn’t quite manage to submit. Too many things got in the way. However, I am not going to let that deter me from striving for this week to come!  On the positive side, I did succeed at a couple of other challenges that took me outside my zone.

First, I volunteered to judge a youth writing competition awhile ago, but this week also agreed to be the media person/editor for communications on this event. It will be part of a town event in June, and should be a challenge as well.

Second, I went to a great party alone, and although, yes, I sat in a corner, within a couple of minutes I had made two new poet friends.  Years ago I would have been alone in that corner and silently wishing myself very small.   I managed some networking on behalf of a poetry organization I belong to, and had a casual conversation with someone I had found a little intimidating before the party. All of that made up for the terrible snowstorm that awaited me on the drive back home!  I have also managed to keep away from chocolate this week, mostly.  And finally, last night found myself as part of a foursome for dinner including a very well-known American poet, and holding up my side of the conversation. I had been at a workshop he was presenting, and there was a reading later in the evening, so it just worked out that we ended up going to dinner together. Altogether a wonderful day and evening that left me exhilarated and feeling connected to poetry, just like the first time I ever attended a poetry reading. I would like to bottle that feeling so that I can use it as a tonic on those days when I lose track and lose confidence.

Looking forward to writing this week, while this feeling is still with me!  Carol



    • Yes, I did, thanks! Interesting that when I started to write the post I was thinking “fail” and yet when I noted down what I achieved during the week it was actually a tremendous PASS!


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