This week was one where I focused on things I need for myself outside my existence as a poet. This is a proactive thing now, rather than the reactive way I have been dealing with things since being handed a severance package after 19 1/2 years with my last employer. In two weeks, I am having a major milestone birthday. I become official then on a couple of fronts: as a retired person and as a fully qualified senior. So it’s a come-to-terms-with it kind of birthday.

This one is a struggle, I admit. But I have a good support system in place. (why do we call our friends a system?) Sorry folks. I have a great group of wonderful friends and fellow poets, without whom life would be rather dull and boring. My biggest regret is that I did not find my poetry for so many years. I can’t really say the time was wasted, although sometimes that is how it feels. I had many years of amazing travel to so many places. When I think that most people don’t go more than 50 miles from home their whole lives, I realize how blessed I have been.

But also why it has been hard for me the last three years to confine my world to its recent limits of Ottawa, Carleton Place and occasionally day trips in the surrounding countryside. I miss the zest that comes with packing and heading out to new destinations or well-loved ones. Next month, I am going to take a trip to Massachusetts. I am nervous about this as it involves facing several personal challenges. I am going to be focusing for the next while on overcoming all that so I can be fully engaged with the writing I hope to do while there. I have taken the first steps. That is my No-Comfort Zone success for this week.



  1. Whoo Hoo! What a week you’re going to have! You’ll get some good writing done and face a host of other personal challenges!! Next week at this time you’ll be writing about all the things you accomplished and how much you learned and how happy it made you… this is so much fun!

    • Thanks! I have started the poetry challenge, and will see where that goes. I have a shorter retreat coming up in April which will go some to preparing me for the one in May, so small steps in the right direction! C

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