NaPoWriMo Day 2

Carol A. Stephen

Well, I wrote it and then forgot to post…Today’s prompt is to write a poem inspired by the song that was #1 the day you were born. My song is Heartaches, by Ted Weems (although the version I prefer was much later by The Marcels) The song is rather angst-y …

Happy Heartaches to You Birthday Song

I was born under the sign
and sound a heart makes
when it aches
with the burn of lyric
into memory, the sacrament
of kisses that sear into flesh
stigmata of love song
an anthem to heartbreak
that only the 1940’s evokes
if you’re old enough to remember
you now wish you could forget.

Carol A. Stephen, April 2, 2012
On April 13,1947 Heartaches by Ted Weems was #1

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