Day 21 Write a Hay (na) ku

Ok, so I will never be a Hay (na) ku poet.  My feeble attempts. Since they were bad, I figured quantity over quality might work.  lol


cat complains.

Photo of a siamese cat


Being a cat.

pokes me
with his paw.

eye blinks
with the pain.



Grass (Photo credit: Mathew Knott)

graze widely.
Grass shortage imminent.


Reverse hay(na)ku

my own

Computer monitor black
Terminal error

Windows 3.1 black screen of death caused by an...

black screen of death error in DOS-based app (Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Day 21 Write a Hay (na) ku

  1. Well, like I said, I would never make an Hay(na)ku poet. But the “rules” are only the number of lines and number of words per line. That’s it. Not like haiku at all. Anyway, not to worry, I will not be turning these into a hobby. C

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