No-Comfort Zone Challenge two weeks ending May 6th

Brook Farm circa 1891, farmhouse was a part of...

Brook Farm circa 1891, farmhouse was a part of the Shadowbrook Estate, Lenox,MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just realized that I am a week behind on my posting for the No-Comfort Challenge!  So, last time my goal was to work towards prepping for Massachusetts, and that has been my prime focus. I started to pack last night, only to realize it was much too soon. Unless I want to go barefoot for the next week.

My feet would not be very happy about that. So, I have assembled most of the things but final packing will be later in the week.My challenge there will be not to overpack.

My GPS is programmed, my driving directions are printed out along with reservation info etc. A few errands to run in regard to supplies and stuff, and US $. Will likely do that early in the week. The more I can focus on that stuff, the less time I have to worry about the actual trip. I can still feel the low-level anxiety cranking in the background though. I am trying to ignore it, as I know it won’t die until I actually arrive in Lenox. I have no worries so far about the trip back!

And I just love these two old images I found, both of the place where we will be staying, Brook Farm Inn, and the woodprint of Lenox!

View of Lenox, MA; from an 1839 woodprint by J...

View of Lenox, MA; from an 1839 woodprint by John Warner Barber, published in Massachusetts Historical Collections, 1839. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the poetry part of it, I am about halfway through the critiques for the other poets. A new batch has just arrived, so I still have three poets to review.  I spent all day Friday on that (finally! I kept putting it off…) So I think I am doing okay for time.

So, what about my submitting project? Nothing new on the litmag front, but I did submit five poems to the Poetic Asides challenge that ended April 30. Did that right away last Monday. But I won’t be thinking much about any of that for the next two weeks. My main upcoming challenge is keeping up my confidence that I can make this trip and that nothing will go wrong. I won’t get sick, I won’t get lost.  Oh, and I won’t have a car accident.

Oh, and meanwhile, Tuesday night I find out about my short-listed poem in the CAA National Capital Writing Contest.  Carol

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