No-Comfort Zone Challenge Update

So, I am back from Lenox, Massachusetts, alive and in one piece!  I was so busy getting ready last week that I had no chance to post about THAT week’s success.

My poem, Walking in Thomson’s Red Sumac, took third prize in the Canadian Authors Association National Capital Writing Contest.  That was a great boost to my confidence as a writer.

As for the trip that I feared and dreaded all winter (although I was looking forward to the workshop itself) went without incident. Unless you count the near-encounter 5 minutes into my trip, with a wayward hockey net that took flight from the bed of a pickup truck, coming to rest on the road right in front of me!  Sort of proves the point that most accidents happen close to home.  Anyway, I met with a couple from Oshawa in Utica NY, and we convoyed the rest of the way to Lenox. On my return, I did the trip in one shot, alone, in about 7 hours. All three driving days were sunny and warm, so even the weather cooperated.

Once I am more connected to day-to-day and less to the cocoon of a workshop retreat, I will post about the workshop itself.

Thanks for reading!


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