No-Comfort Zone Challenge update for week of May 27

Well, this week I started to get back to my life beyond writing retreats, long my focus as I prepared for that. Happy to say that my back fence is once again straight and strong, thanks to my brother Norm. But along with that, I have been tidying up the garden, tossed away a lot of broken things that seemed to have some kind of sentimental value for a long time, but are too rusty or shabby or just plain broken to keep any longer. This is a small breakthrough in its own way.  And some of the plants are now thinned out as well.  New flower baskets have added colour.  This is all in preparation for putting my house on the market come fall. Need to move to a smaller house, or one with fewer than three floors. This is my next BIG life challenge, but taking slow steps for that.

I am also happy to say that I am thinking about where I might go on my next trip. And when. And whether it will be alone or not. Baby steps there too. Next week the challenge is to write a presentation on the poet, Yosef Komunyakaa, who is nominated for the International Griffin award. Three volumes of poems to read first to select which of his pieces I am going to include. Update on that next Sunday!  Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “No-Comfort Zone Challenge update for week of May 27

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