No-Comfort Zone Update Week ending June 10 2012

Well, for last week I found out that I have been accepted to participate in the next issue of TheLight Ekphrastic. That will be coming up in August, I believe. I submitted 5 poems and received 3 art pieces back in return. I am to write a poem based on one of those. Then the artist creates a piece based on one of my 5 submitted poems. Both poems and both art pieces then appear in the online issue.  It is a challenge, but it is a good way to stretch myself as a writer.

This week I took my new camera with its 24x zoom out into the countryside for a test drive. I am not a photographer by any means, but I would like to start taking my own pix for use on the blog and perhaps in my chapbooks. A 3x zoom was not going to do it for me. I can see that I have added another challenge to my weeks to come, learning how to use this beast.  So far, I can figure out how to take closeups of flowers. That doesn’t sound like I have progressed very far, does it?  Interesting that the next time I took the old camera out it had completely died. I am taking that as an affirmation of my decision to make this purchase. It is no longer an indulgence, so I can feel good about it! (AND, I did go back and get a refund when I found a competing ad with a better price. So that was another challenge met, since I tend to let those things slide…)

Of course, looming over my shoulder is the other challenge: submissions.  Not much done there yet. But it is still high on the list!  C.

6 thoughts on “No-Comfort Zone Update Week ending June 10 2012

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