No-Comfort Zone Challenge Week Ending June 24

This week I heard that two of my poems have been accepted for inclusion in Rope Dancer, an anthology of poet-members of The Ontario Poetry Society. So, I am happy to have submission success news for this week! Still a number of submission deadline  info sitting on my desk so I am hoping to get some of those into the mail this week.

And, I have put together my next chapbook, and working on that to fine-tune the fonts and poem order. Perhaps I will have a new launch this summer or early fall, just need to wait and see. I have one poem that has been submitted elsewhere, so I am sort of hoping to hear on that before I go ahead. Otherwise it has to come out of the chapbook, and then I will need a new title for the book too! Fortunately, I have already several options for that.

2 thoughts on “No-Comfort Zone Challenge Week Ending June 24

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