No-Comfort Zone Challenge Week ending July 15

So for this week, the effort was to concentrate on healthy behaviours, and for the most part I saw some progress. Yay!  No chocolate (except for one cupcake last night at a 60th birthday party for a friend, poet and musician and museum guy and editor and…Monty Reid. Congrats Monty!)  Oh, and one very small sample of a chocolate ginger pear riesling sauce. Yum. Purchased a jar, but have not opened it. I’ve monitored the BS and the BP numbers almost every day, only missed Thursday. Added veggies and some salad type things, and no dessert yesterday when I had lunch out with friends.

And I tried the “coffee on the deck in the mornings” thing, but my Siamese cat, Tojo, (that’s a soft j, sort of like Tozho)  was making too much noise with his operatic efforts. Now that the weather is good (i.e. not winter), he wants  to go for walks all the time, even in the heat. He isn’t allowed to go off on his own, and I am not interested in walking hours and hours. Walking a cat isn’t like walking a dog, either. Lots of stopping. Lots of getting the leash tangled. Lots of grass eating, followed by the inevitable regurgitation (yuck!) I keep thinking that if I don’t let him go out in early spring, he will forget about it. But my brother got there first this year so it’s too late. Besides, I feel bad that he lost his best buddy Scooter last fall. He’s never been the only cat before. Anyway, for the upcoming week, I think a healthy focus again. And praying for rain. No rain in a month, just heat and more heat. Most of the lawns are completely turned to straw.

On the poetry front, I have done my first and second draft of the poem due soon for The Light Ekphrastic, and submitted my Geist Erasure Poetry Contest entry. That had been languishing for several months since I had created  it when the contest was first announced.  (Can’t really say I “wrote” it, since it is an erasure piece.)

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