Hot Ottawa Voices – Readings by four Ottawa Poets – Tree Reading Series Coming Up on August 14th!

The Ottawa Arts Court. Formerly the Carleton C...

The Ottawa Arts Court. Formerly the Carleton County Courthouse, the building now serves as Ottawa’s municipal arts centre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Tuesday, August 14th, I have been chosen to read as one of four Hot Ottawa Voices, along with David Blaikie, Guy Simser and Shai Ben Shalom.  The event takes place at Tree Reading Series, Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa. 8.p.m.

This is such a great opportunity! Thanks, Tree!

Before the readings,  at 6:45 p.m.  there’s a  free workshop:

Pearl Pirie

Pearl Pirie (Photo credit: pesbo)

Pearl Pirie on Radical Revision.  For more information, check out the link here:

Readings – Tree Reading Series.    Hope to see everyone there!

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