August issue of The Light Ekphrastic is up!


Along with Annie Howe’s marvelous papercuts, my two poems are up at The Light Ekphrastic in the latest issue. Thanks to Jenny O’Grady for selecting our work. You can check both out here.

I am amazed at the intricate work Annie has produced here, and found it an excellent challenge to respond to her work, Bikes. I came up with the poem, A Circle of Bikes.  In return, Annie created a wonderful cat portrait, complete with the mittens from my poem, In the Next Dream, She is Still Running.

There are other writers, painters, photographers also sharing: Gregory Wm. Gunn and Seth Sawyers, and Nathan Filbert and Carrie Ann Rennolds.

Submission call is now up for the November 2012 issue, if you’re interested in trying ekphrasis.



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