No-Comfort Zone Week ending Aug. 19

This past week, I suppose the biggest breakthrough for me was as a featured reader at Tree Reading Series.  I think it was the wonderful commentary

open mic host: Rod Pederson

open mic host: Rod Pederson (Photo credit: pesbo)

by Rod Pederson as he introduced me that made me so relaxed, because at one point I leaned my arm casually against the lectern as if I had been there all my life. (Well, not ALL my life…)

I launched my second chapbook as well, which was another push forward with my poetry, so I was most pleased about that too.

I don’t mean to go on and on about this event, but it really is quite a nice honour to be selected as a Hot Ottawa Voice. And congrats on that to my fellow hotties, once again, David Blaikie, Shai Ben Shalom, and Guy Simser.

Here is a link to my reading that night.

You can also access each of the other readers at the Tree Reading Series site, under Videos.

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