Just wanted to share an interview with me that was posted today over on Poets United. Not sure I deserve all that but I am thankful for the vote of confidence anyway!

Thanks to Sherry Merk for her kind remarks and for the invitation to me to participate here.

Carol A. Stephen

Since this makes me feel some discomfort, I think it works as a challenge to me in publicizing it, so I am flagging it as a No-Comfort post as well!



  1. I enjoyed your verses on the Museum of London, Carol. I’ll be in London sometime this Autumn – your poem has whetted my curiousity.
    On your ‘Patrick’ poem – you say he was Irish . . . Well I suppose so – ultimately; but I think he was actually from Wales and carried across the sea by Irish slavers.
    May the Muse stand by your chair.

    • Oh dear, well, I guess I was thinking of him as the patron saint of Ireland and so… but I do recall now reading something about him “coming to Ireland”. So for now, I shall claim poetic licence, but I may have to edit.

      Please do make sure to take in the Museum of London. And let me know afterward what you think of it. I hope someday to get back to the U.K. but for now I can enjoy your pictures on your blog!

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