Small Stones for Jan. 2 through 4 2013

jan13badgesmallI figured I should catch up while I had a chance, so here are stones for the 2nd through 4th, all inspired by our National Capital Region snow, and the icy cold temps that we’re having right now!



Furry Things

hibernate in winter, safe
under layers of soft brown

we shiver inside our skins
turn dials to crank up the heat

CS Jan 2 2013

Sun Bright against Blue

intense that sky, white clouds
mirror the snow piled high
our house burrows into it

CS. Jan 3 2013

Discarding Christmas

wadded torn and tattered wrap.
skeletons of Christmas trees, all
their finery packed away, only
errant icicles still cling to boughs,
perhaps a bit of tinsel, all waiting
leftovers to feed the garbage truck

CS  Jan 4 2013

3 thoughts on “Small Stones for Jan. 2 through 4 2013

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