Small Stones for Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Mindful Writing Challenge 2013:  Sometimes, things get in the way of writing, and I have to play catch up. Meetings all day Friday, and a less than perfect Saturday…. well… better late than not at all.


January Thaw

both sky and snow
shrink and melt today
rain drives away blue,
it conjures brown
gone the pristine white
of last week’s storm

Jan. 11 2013


Above zero Celsius
prelude to Winterlude
Perhaps the winter fair will
change its name to Waterlude
again this year?

Jan. 12 2013


some days don’t spark
an early rise, a rush to work
a flurry of words or
washing dishes.
Some days I hibernate, snug,
warm, a good book beside me
each time I break my long snooze.

Jan. 13, 2013

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