April 2 Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge poem


Today’s poem is written to the prompt from Robert Lee Brewer on the Writer’s Digest Poem a Day blog challenge. It’s Two for Tuesday, to write a dark poem or a light poem, or both. I followed Robert’s example and combined references to both in this short poem. It riffs off a poem by Katy Ellerman, a fellow classmate from ModPo.



The Dark OutsideMarch 2008 Poetry Reading and NC backup copy032
   after Katy Ellerman

Struggle.  Darkness of senses.
Fight fog-blur, sightless.

Before, there was light. Before the blinding of eyes.
There is no turning-away. In this place
I make my peace with where I am.

Enfolded. Enveloped. Silence. I stand
against the dark outside this circle. Remember light.

Inside the heart, a flutter of doves.

Carol A. Stephen
April 2, 2013

Sagrada Familia doves

Sagrada Familia doves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “April 2 Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge poem

    • Thanks, Scott! It does look good, doesn’t it? I hope you’ll give me a headsup when Wingbeats II is released, as I am sure it belongs on my desk as well!

  1. Wingbeats II is now available–and you will love it. I just returned from teaching a week-long workshop from the book.

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