Day 10 Un-Love Poem

napo2013button2Day 10 poem. I am so far behind with these. I just downloaded a week’s worth of prompts! I skipped the Day 8 one, will come back to that. Here is the un-love poem, though.

One Way Street

The Wrong Version

The Wrong Version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Loving you was the wrong way
down a one-way street
All go and no return
Direction south without a north
or east with no west.
And you the centre. And me?
Caught half way round the roundabout
with no exits but the wrong one.

Carol A. Stephen
April 16, 2013

4 thoughts on “Day 10 Un-Love Poem

  1. wow….can love ever be wrong? I catch the sentiment…because I have felt EXACTLY what you write so clearly…but maybe the person just could not receive? The love maybe will help them down the road…I have loved and…lost…years later one of these lost loves returned to me to tell me how my loving helped them to be a better person…still…at the moment…being lost on a round-a-bout is sad and lonely…Great poem!

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