Small stone for Jan. 10, 2014

badge-14-300x300Today’s Rilke passage is titled Praise. He tells us to disappear in praising. The last line again inspired my small stone: “Nothing belongs to us.”

This made me recall my emergency ileostomy five years ago, when I was extremely ill with C. Difficile that came very close to killing me, and that too, is reflected in my piece today.

Surgical Scalpel

Surgical Scalpel (Photo credit: tudedude)

Jan. 10, 2014
…Nothing belongs to us.   – Rainer Maria Rilke  

Words to craft poems
don’t belong to me. They’re
the same words of poets past,
of poets yet to come.

I share my words with others.
Only their order on the page
makes them, for a moment, mine.

Even the time I live on
borrowed, gift of a surgical knife.


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