Small Stone for Jan. 20, 2014

badge-14-300x300Today’s Rilke poem from A Year with Rilke is here at the YearwithRilke blog, and titled  “God Speaks”.    taken from The Book of Hours I, 19.

This is a difficult one for me. My belief is more spiritual than related to organized religion these days. My sense is that there is a universal energy that exists, and that it leaves the body at the moment of death to return to the universe to recharge and be reborn in another way. But of course, this is my own belief, and not one that I suggest is the correct one.

AYEARWRILKERilke’s poem is about God speaking to us, saying he surrounds us, says “…I am the dream you are dreaming”.. .  

Jan. 20, 2014

…And with the silence of the stars I enfold
your cities made by time.–Rilke

Clear sky at evening spills
from the burn of a billion stars.
What energy lights the way?

English: Pleiades Star Cluster

English: Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What spark first strikes neurons
in the human brain? What shape
held its first life in the universe?

To what does it return when
the last neuron dies? Is this the true
human soul, the white and tunneled light?


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