Searching for The Holy Grail for Writers

Such a timely piece for me to come across right now, when I am bogged down in the uncertainty and self-doubt that plagues me every time I try to get going on a plan of submissions. Today, I was trying to find places to submit my third chapbook. I could publish it myself, no problem. But I thought I might try an outside publisher. And that’s when the trouble starts. Here, Luanne Castle posts a link to her article dealing with strategies for submissions. Well worth the read, and the reblog!

Luanne Castle: Poetry and Other Words (and cats!)

I thought that there was a Holy Grail for writers: a list of all the “good” lit journals.  Once I found that list I could just cross off each journal as I sent them a manuscript.

You can find out if that list exists in my article, “From Creation to Publication: Finding the Submission Strategy That Works for You, published by The Review Review. In this piece, I describe how I changed my approach to submitting to magazines and journals.

Photo by Marisha Photo by Marisha

I realized that I had forgotten to tell you about The Review Review. You can check out my article and the other helpful advice in the “tips” section, and you can read reviews of lit magazines and interviews.  You can also sign up to have the newsletter with links to articles sent to your email. I’ve been reading the newsletter for a while and have…

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3 thoughts on “Searching for The Holy Grail for Writers

  1. Carol, thanks so much for the reblog. I’m thrilled to know that writers find the article helpful! I don’t want others to waste as much time as I did figuring out how to submit to journals and mags!

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