MODPO TREASUREThere have been a lot of articles lately proclaiming that poetry is dead. So when someone sent me a link to this article, I had to open it. And there were Al Filreis, Ali Casselman and Anna Strong, doing the ModPo close read thing. Since I am a big fan of the course, Modern & Contemporary American Poetry, to give it its full name, I thought I would share the piece here with you.

But it isn’t just about the poems. It is also about the people I’ve met and come to know (online at least) from places around the world. There are personal stories of cancer survival and a breakthrough by one student who is autistic.

And it’s about a professor who really cares about what he teaches and how. He cares about the students, every one of them, even when enrolment moves north of 30,000 per session. And he never sleeps.

Enough from me. Here is the link to the article. Please take a few moments to find out what ModPo is about.  It isn’t too late to enrol, either. I’ve included a link to the course page just below the one for the article.



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