Small Stone for Jan. 3, 2015


Reading from 365 Days of Walking the Red Road

Today’s short reading is about the use of the term,, “crossing over”, among Native people in reference to those who have died or are dying. In winter, perhaps this is a common thread for many of us as we watch the garden die, the trees grow bare, the face of the earth turn white. Everything is old in winter, which has become a metaphor for old age. “The winter of our lives”.


Jan. 3 Crossing Over

 Even thought in winter turns
to the dark to seek light, perhaps
to wonder if this is the season for
crossing over as the world crosses over.
One year passes, another begins.
One life passes, another begins.
Does one ever know when it is time?
But today, the answer comes, “not yet.”
CAS Jan. 3 2015

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