Small Stone for Jan. 8 2015


Jan 8

“From the beginning there were drums,
beating out world rhythm—
the booming never-failing tide on the beach…”
–JIMALEE BURTON (Ho-Chee-Nee), Cherokee, 1974

The quote goes on to tell us to pay attention to our heartbeat in the wrist . . .
I’ve always done that, more so lately as I wore a monitor for tests, and now when I am not well.

When I was a child,
sometimes at night
footsteps would pound in my ear,
the unseen chasing away sleep.

Last night the pound of drum
deep within, setting the rhythm
of my days. I know fear–
that it beats too fast, too loud

and when it can’t be heard
the fear of what’s to come
when it ceases beating.

CAS Jan 8 2015


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