Small Stone for Jan. 16 2015

black_stones_and_leaves_stock_photo_170410Jan. 16  Bummer, it seems WordPress has taken away the neat tool I was using to include pictures and related posts. I may have to upgrade after all, but for now… today’s small stone:


 “…And as we shake hands today upon this broad plain, we may forever live in peace.” – Red Cloud (Makhpiya-Luta) Oglala Sioux Chief, late 19th century

Today, I strive for inner peace,
a calm knowing, acceptance
that where I am in the world,

where I am in my life,
is where I am supposed to be,
that everything is as it should be.

tranquilityMay I find peace,
may I be safe,
may I be healthy

may I move away from fear,
banish the anxiety that takes away
balance and serenity.

CAS Jan. 16, 2015

face the monster


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