Small Stone for Jan. 25, 2015

black_stones_and_leaves_stock_photo_170410Jan 25 2015


Today marks the last week of the Small Stones Challenge for 2015.


Photo of Sioux American Indian Flying Hawk

Photo of Sioux American Indian Flying Hawk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“ The Great Spirit… made… sunlight to play, night to sleep, everything good.” – part of a quote from Flying Hawk, Oglala Clan, 19th century.




 And I can relate to this today, having finally broken the cycle of falling asleep in front of the TV, not getting into bed till the wee hours, and wondering why my eyes have packed their puffy bags…



At last I remember the bright sun
burning the noon sky a deeper blue
It could almost be spring,


but there are still tell-tale white drifts
across a neighbour’s roof, new snow,
the crash of melting ice falling


from one slope to another, clear shine
of icicles, the long fingers of winter
still holding January tight in its grasp.
CAS Jan. 25, 2015












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