I am really pleased to have the opportunity to host a blog appearance by Leo Brent Brent RobillardRobillard. Back in 2006, after 25 years without writing, I suddenly found the poetry returning. I’d never thought of myself as a writer, and even though it was most often poems that I wrote, I certainly never called myself a poet!

But that all changed when I took a chance on a poetry workshop Canadian Authors Association offered in Ottawa, presented by Leo Brent Robillard.  During a short exercise we were to come up with a line and I wrote something about crows and glossy green garbage bags.  Brent wanted to steal it.  My line?  Really? An odd image to start my poetic journey but it was enough. I was going to become a poet.  And I did. And for that, I owe Brent a very big thank you.

On Monday, September 14, 2015, Brent kicks off a 14-day blog tour, starting with his post right here on Quillfyre, as he launches his newest novel, The Road to Atlantis, from Turnstone Press.  Please join us!

Leo Brent Robillard is an award-winning author and educator. His novels include Leaving Wyoming, which was listed in Bartley’s Top Five in the Globe and Mail for Best First Fiction; Houdini’s Shadow, which was translated into Spanish; and, most recently, Drift. In 2011, he received the Premier’s Award for Teacher of the Year. He lives in Eastern Ontario with his wife and two children.

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