Carol A. Stephen – Writer Beginnings

Carol A. StephenJust discovered this 3-part interview I did with Vicki Hudson in June, and sorry that I missed it till now. Thanks, Vicki for taking the time to let me ramble about my poetic journey!

Link to part 2: Carol A. Stephen – Writer Reads

Link to part 3:   Carol A. Stephen – Writing Life and Community

Vicki Hudson

PurplehatVAH: Welcome to Three by Five, Carol. Do tell, why do you write?

CAS: It seems to be a compulsion really. Words, phrases, ideas come to me, seemingly at random, but they won’t let go ‘til I put them into a poem.

VAH: Why did you become a writer and when did you know or feel like you were a writer?

CAS: I hadn’t written in 25 years, but after my husband died, I began to find the poetry coming again. I decided it was time to find out whether I was really a poet or a dabbler. I first felt like a poet when a workshop leader wanted to steal one of my lines.

VAH: Ah, that sounds validating. “A poet or a dabbler.” A good question for introspection. Is there someone or something that influenced your development as a writer?

CAS: Reading other poets is…

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1 thought on “Carol A. Stephen – Writer Beginnings

  1. The Butterfly Effect. You never know or realize the impact you might have on someone. I guess the poets know what they’re talking about: “No man is an Island,” or maybe “I am a part of all that I have met.”

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