A Nonpareil of Tarts, poem by Carol A. Stephen (MY SWEET WORD Series)

my poem appears today on Silver Birch Press as part of the “My Sweet Word” Series. Thanks again to Silver Birch for presenting my work.

Silver Birch Press

A Nonpareil of Tarts
by Carol A. Stephen

I wandered aimless,
upwind of the bakery this morning, startled
as the door swung open sending the scent
of pies hot from the oven wafting on the breeze.
A squander of clove and cinnamon, fresh apples!
In the window, a nonpareil of tarts, muffins,
and miraculous cakes, each topped with a curl
of fine chocolate.

I passed by twice,
trying to imagine the tastes, elusive in memory, each but a ghost
upon the tongue. I tossed intention in the gutter, turned in defiant
scorn at an ego demanding a svelte body when just steps away
the prize of salty cheese bread, chocolate torte, cranberry tart,
and yes, that apple pie!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was written to a NaPoWriMo prompt in April 2013. There was a list of words, the requirement was to use at least five. I managed 12…

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