November 2015 – Issue 24

Thanks to Jenny O’Grady for including two of my poems here in the November issue of The Light Ekphrastic!

the light ekphrastic

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 24th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

David B. Bagwell– Extinction, squares and circles (art)

Eleanor Edgeworth – Blooming, Passing (art)

Christopher Justice– A Geometry Long Forgotten, Squares and Circles (poetry)

Jennifer Lothrigel – Individuation, Creation Story (art)

Tom Pescatore– Lauryl, Snowy Peaks of the Desert (poetry)

Geraldine Pontius – Tribeca Homeland, Eight Photos (art)

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus– Daphne, Redrock (art)

Jay Sheets– What Hands Wish To Be, The Great World (poetry)

Sarah Smith– Ventilation Tower for the Holland Tunnel, Evensong (poetry)

Carol A. Stephen– A Desert Flowering, If I Leave (poetry)

Artist Bios – November 2015

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