NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 3 FPR Impromptu



NMP-BANNER-DFor Day 3 on FPR, we have a prompt about Creative Staring from Nico Vassilakis. and a helpful interview with the poet, shared by James W. Moore, fellow challenge participant: 

While I am not a follower of Vispo, in the spirit of community I decided to give this a go once, but I warn, I am not artistically inclined, so my poetry will always be through the written word. Here then, my attempt to portray the ocular auras that are the form my migraines take, and which have been visiting with the weather changes we’ve been having the last couple of weeks here in the Ottawa area:

Migraine Translations


English: This is an approximation of the zig-z...

example of zig-zag visual disturbance experienced as a migraine aura. (Wikipedia)

What Is Postmod   ism?

Is the aim of mod     aily life and of thought organic?

 Does the passa       be charted between

heterogen   us languages

belong to a differ      der of cognition?


Would it         al synthesis?

What            autiful?

What     said to be art?


What do         ck of reality signify,

free from na        w historic interpretation?


How to mak    isible

somethi     ich cannot be seen?


What the   the postmodern?

What pla     oes it occupy

in vertig   us questions

hurled     e rules?


What spa    ezanne?

What obj     icasso,

image     arration?

What     upposition Duchamp?


What i  stmodernism?







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