NaPoWriMo 2016 FPR Impromptu 16 Taurid Meteor Showers

NPM-Bookmark-front-376x1024napo2016button1The prompt for today comes from Canadian poet, Christian Bök. For more about Christian, and to see other poems for this challenge please visit Found Poetry Review Impromptu #16






  • Select a single page of writing from an antiquary textbook on astronomy.
  • Scan this page, using customary software for manipulating photographs.
  • Erase all text from the image, leaving behind only the punctuation marks.
  • Assign to each punctuation mark, a specific style of dot, bullet, or asterisk.

For example:

         ,      =      •
         .      =     ✦
         ;      =     ✹
         :      =     ★
         —   =     ☉

  • Replace each punctuation mark with the specified bullets from your cipher.
  • Vary the point-size of each asterisk, according to the number of letters in the word originally preceding the punctuation (for example: 1 letter = + 0.5 pts).
  • Change the colour of the background to black; change each mark to white.
  • Connect some of the largest dots by drawing lines to make a constellation.
  • Identify the starfield, using the title of the book (and the page number cited).

It took awhile to locate a source, since I have no access today to antiquaries or astronomical treatises other than via the internet.

Although I have used photo editing tools for erasures and blackouts, I am essentially one of the unwashed when it comes to this kind of stuff.  Due to various complications along the way: no white font, a rather rough looking image.

Taurid Meteor Showers

Taurid Meteor Showers_0006




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