NaPoWriMo 2016 FPR Impromptu #20 NANCES, NÍSPEROS, ORANGES



Today, I chose to go back to yesterday’s FPR prompt which I did not have time for. The prompt was devised by Travis McDonald, and involves using books from your own bookshelves as sources for a word bank compiled from 10 pages, one each from 10 books each taken from a specific location on your shelves.

The instructions are quite lengthy, so I am simply including the link to the blog post itself here: Found Poetry Review, Impromptu 21


To see today’s prompt from Derek Beaulieu, visit Found Poetry Review’s blog post for Day 21. Here is the summary of the prompt :

“I invite writers, musicians and performers to create digital sound performances (song, composition, collage, etc.) of my #erasingwarhol project. Posted on twitter at @erasingwarhol are the ongoing manuscript pages of my efforts to erase all the words from Andy Warhol’s 451-page 1968 novel a: a novel, leaving only the fields of punctuation and the sound-effect words. I invite you to create a sonic interpretation of any piece in that twitter feed, save it online and tweet out your results with the hashtag #erasingwarhol. This is a community-based generative project and every-one is welcome.” For the full blog post and to see links to other poems for the 21st challenge:

I did not find any of today’s prompts resonating, and I had wanted to give the Day 20 Decimator a try.

As I suspected, it has taken me more than seven hours to compile and whittle down the word bank. The poem itself took only a little part of that. The title comes from the poem Documentary, by Claribel Alegría, shown in the source list below. Each word in the title is the name of a variety of fruit. (The NÍSPEROS is the loquat)





Peasant women, naked, wash clothing, their colours
bleed memories, hard-knuckled hands
twining tattered thread into dreams of sweet honey.

Begin sentences in your head while walking—
so crisp, perfect, fully formed.
Accidentally left behind diary of
what certainly had been.

Night calls out. Nobody answers his knock.
Inside, ghostly listeners.
His moonlight voice goes dark,
air stirred cold and waiting
an answering  cry echoing through shadow.

Foot sound upon stone,
silence surged softly backward
to the river running, to Panchimalco.


Carol A. Stephen
April 21, 2016


Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) – Habit :Bonifaci...

Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)(Wikipedia)



Nance (fruit of B. crassifolia)

Nance (fruit of B. crassifolia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Books referenced listed below. Of the 10 shown, numbers 6, 9 and 10 were not used in the poem above.

  1. The Forest for the Trees, Betsy Lerner, p. 13
  2. The Poetry Home Repair Manual, Ted Kooser
  3. The Practice of Poetry, Robin Skelton
  4. The Language of Life, Bill Moyers (Documentary, Claribel Alegría , trans. D. J. Flakoll)
  5. Women in Praise of the Sacred, Ed. Jane Hirshfield (Shu-Sin’s Ritual Bride, a Priestess of Inanna)
  6. 15 Canadian Poets x 3, ed. Gary Geddes (E. J. Pratt, From the Titanic)
  7. the Echoing Years, an anthology of poetry from Canada & Ireland, ed Ennis, Maggs & McKenzie (Jeannette C. Armstrong, Threads of Old Memory)
  8. Themes on the Journey, Reflections in Poetry ed James Barry p. 17
  9. Dear Ghosts, Tess Gallagher, (A Stroke of Sky)
  10. The Inferno of Dante, trans. Robert Pinsky P.11 Canto II)

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