NaPoWriMo 2018 Two Sylvias Press April 18, 2018

This prompt provided a list of 15 words, at least five to be used. I have managed eight. It also suggested perhaps to write about something you feel vulnerable about or that you feel you shouldn’t write about.  I was thinking about what it’s like when you’ve been given opioids for pain

Opioid Dreams

I wake to brain fog, blurred memory, as if a fever broke
as I slept. Above the lights dazzle, reflection of the tinfoil wrapped
tight around the shade. Why am I in this place?

More aware now, I am not sure where I am. The ring
of lamplight darkens the shadows. Figures in white coats
enter and leave. Someone bellows on the other side of the light.

Shallow laughter. And pain.
I run my fingers down my belly, stop at the spot
where the pain begins.

I have sprouted shoelaces. Or is it a tattoo?
I remember a dream of gold thread,
embroidery on my bicep. The tinkle of cymbals.

Flashing coloured lights. The pinball machine.
I was trapped inside forever
climbing after the small white ball.

Dilaudid. Ileostomy. Clostridium Difficile.
Pseudo Toxic megacolon. This is the vocabulary
I am about to learn.


Carol A. Stephen
April 18, 2018


A rebuilt Terminator 2 pinball machine.jpg

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