Poem for Lesley


A friend who has been ill posted a wonderfully inspiring piece on her blog awhile ago. She’s always such a cheerful, positive person, someone I admire very much, and have for a long time.  In re-reading my comments to her about how her thoughts had given me a more positive outlook on life, I realized there was a poem. So, here, for Lesley:


Poem for Lesley


Just last week I had turned silent—

a year of illness— yet this morning

you still arrive in my inbox,

focused always on the positive

swing, the uplift, the sweetness

that there is, rather than what might have been.

You are still your upbeat self in the face of illness.


I wish I had had your insight

to realize all winter that all was not lost,

that I was not just waiting

for the next shoe, that I was, in my own way

grieving the narrowing scope of my own life.


But, as you say, I am alive.

And today I find again appreciation

for your wise words.


~ Carol A. Stephen
March 29, 2020


You can see Lesley’s post here:


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