A World of Poetry in Ottawa: VERSeFest 2013 So Far…

logoI was going to put up a post about the 2013 poetry festival taking place this week in Ottawa.  I really was. After all, there was our very own Tree Reading Series event, with Stuart Ross, Catherine Owen and Don McKay. That’s a great list by itself. But there was Mark Tredinnick, the winner of the first Montreal Poetry Prize (among other prizes he’s won) whose poetry collection, Fire Diary, I’ve been trying to lay my hands on for almost a year. (Got it this time!)  Yes, I was going to put up a post. But then I read these great blog posts by Pearl Pirie and Amanda Earl. So, instead, for now, I’ll share their blog posts with you. Perhaps at festival’s end I’ll manage a brilliant post of my own. Or maybe I’ll let them do the posting on VERSeFest, as they are so very very brilliant at it themselves. See the links below (photos from VERSeFest 2013 site here: http://www.versefest.ca/2013/schedule/tuesday/ 

DAY ONE, Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Mark Tredinnick


VERSeFest 2013 Day 1 Pearl Pirie (pesbo)  

Amanda Earl: a wee look at V-fest day one

DAY TWO, Wednesday, March 13th, 2013:

Day 2 pesbo  the 7 p.m. event

Luna Allison 

Day 2 pesbo the 9 p.m. event

Amanda Earl: A VERSeFest Close Up: Chris Jennings

DAY THREE, Thursday, March 14th, 2013: (pictured left: Don McKay)

Amanda Earl offers this: VERSeFest Day 3 Notes



DAY FOUR: Friday, March 15th, 2013:   Matthew Sweeney & Rita Ann Higgins (pictured below)

Amanda Earl’s VERSeFest Day 4 brief notes

On Saturday, there is a lot more poetry to come, from workshops in the afternoon to more excellent readings in the evening. Take a look here: Saturday events at VERSeFest 2013

On Sunday, the festival wraps up with readings by poets from the Netherlands.haiku poetry, readings by Anne Simpson, Ken Babstock and Christine McNair. And two poets are the first to be inducted into the Hall of Honour: Greg Frankson and William Hawkins.

Take a look, maybe see you there?