Featured Poem for October at Better Than Starbucks

Deutsch: Salzburg, Festung Hohensalzburg, Auss...

Salzburg, Hohensalzburg, Wikipedia

Pleased to share my poem Thirty Januaries Past a Half-Memory as Featured poem for October, at Better Than Starbucks, and much thanks to “Anthony Uplandpoet” Watkins, publisher for the opportunity!





You can read my poem here: http://anthonywatkins.wixsite.com/btsoct2016

And below is a picture of the courtyard in the poem, although in sunlight, not under those grey skies I saw the day I was there so many Januaries ago.

English: Hoher Stock and St. George's Chapel i...

Hoher Stock and St. George’s Chapel in Hohensalzburg Castle. ( Wikipedia)