Small Stone for Jan. 4 2015

stones pic for blogToday’s reading is about having the kindness to guard one’s speech, to take care to injure no one. There wasn’t much more I could add to that, but there was a reference to the North and Waboose that seemed suited to dealing with today’s harsh weather.


“The Chippewa call the North, “Waboose”, depicted as a strong, powerful
 Buffalo withstanding the effects of winter.”

Winter returns.
The day begins with snowstorm,
but then cold rain, the icy breath
from winter’s cruel tongue.

snow pic 2013,jpg

We find no buffalo in the city, but
each of us looks within toward
our own Waboose. That is the face
we turn outward to mock the storm.

CAS Jan 4 2015



Ice Storm, Carleton Place