Day 9 NaPoWriMo Persona poem

Today’s prompt is to write in another persona. I’m a bit late today as my brother is here visiting, but in order to keep with the flow I have “cheated” a bit in revising an older poem. This one is in the voice of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Eleanor’s Lament  (Henri has not come)

My steps take me
again to the place of wailing
behind castle stones
where  walls weep dark tears.
Henri has not come,
though I will him so.

Pride may kill this love,
its heartbeats falter
as a small bird
quivers when held
even between gentle hands.
Henri has not come.

I shelter in this place of shadows,
keen softly at the sharp stings
of  loss and sorrow.
Henri has not come,
and Fate forbids I go.

Fate stains the dark stones
of a thousand years, yet
they stand, precarious.
A soft breath and they may
fall away.

I cannot tell Henri’s heart
from the fallen stones.
My heart lies shattered, a thousand
and a thousand shards
glint in the wet gleam
of bitter tears
and still—
Henri comes not.

Carol A Stephen
as Eleanor of Aquitaine, during her time kept prisoner by her husband, Henry II

Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen consort of Henry I...

Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen consort of Henry II of England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)