Found PoetryFPR-200 prompt is to write an erasure poem from the short short illustrated story “The Old, Rough Stone and the Gnarled Tree” (it’s about an old rough stone and an old gnarled tree). You can find a link to it on the FPR site here: http://www.foundpoetryreview.com/blog/poetry-prompt-the-old-rough-stone-and-the-gnarled-tree/#comment-4283


This is my effort:


Second Theory of Petrification


Rough stone beneath—
Years upon the stone
grow into tree.

Some other place,
tiny shoots in the stone
grow into the air to the blue sky.
In winter snow and cold rain fall
on rough stone, a tree lying on the ground.

Count the rings in three hundred axes of hot summer
the sun beat down the old stone to tree.

The great stone lay all alone
knowing little creatures would
sit upon old stone, keep him company.

And stone to never know need.


English: Petrified trees, Slapton Sands, South...

English: Petrified trees, Slapton Sands, South Devon 1976. Slapton Sands comprises a shingle beach with a nature reserve , Slapton Ley, behind it. Start Point is seen in the far distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carol A. Stephen
November 8, 2014