Day 13 NaPoWriMo Ghazal about Books

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a ghazal. I am not sure I ever wrote one of these before. Like some other poets I know, I’m not entirely sure how you know when you’ve done it successfully. But here goes anyway!

New Books

Books credit: LollyKnit

Why Libraries Are Important on Friday April 13th

It’s my birthday, give me poetry books
I’ll spend my day reading poetry books

Children learn grammar in their grade school books
Mothers writing payments from their cheque books

People playing games in their crossword books
Chefs making meals from big cookery books

Priests reciting psalms from their black prayer books
Kids memorize from catechism books

Gardeners design from their landscape books
Accountants record in their ledger books

Teenagers reveal in diary books
People seek solutions in self-help books

Borrowed wisdom found in library books
Experiments in sound in music books

Everywhere you look you can find more books
Carol’s ghazal says it’s all about books.

Carol A. Stephen
April 13, 2012