Rest in Peace, Leonard Cohen

English: Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen (credit: Wikipedia)

Sad news last night, hearing that Leonard Cohen had passed away. Long one of my favourite singers, one of my favourite poets, someone whose music gave great comfort and inspiration over the years, his passing leaves a great emptiness.  He gave us light, he gave us darkness too, along with wisdom, questions and humour.



There are many tributes this day to the man. All of them more eloquent than what I might say. Here are links to several that touched the heart today.


From Stephen Jenkinson, at Orphan Wisdom, there is Darker, Still:

From Topology Magazine’s Daily Asterisk, the lyrics to a song from Leonard Cohen’s newest album: You Want It Darker  and one to a YouTube video of Leonard Cohen singing this song


English: Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, 1934-2016 (credit: Wikipedia)






Day 25 NaPoWriMo Write a cento

Day 25 NaPoWriMo On April 25, 2012 said: “Yesterday’s challenge was a bit of a brain-burner, so I’ve made today’s a bit easier. Back on Day Ten, I challenged you to start a poem with a line from another poem. Today, let’s go a bit further in our theft and write centos — poems made up entirely of lines from other poems. You could write a new sonnet out of lines from Shakespeare, or just troll about in an anthology for likely lines. Try to create a cento of at least ten lines. For inspiration, here’s an example. Happy writing!

Here is my attempt, with the poets noted below the cento:

Hungry Static, a cento

My breasts are withered gourds
my skin all over      stiffens
from stone to bronze, from bronze to steel

ospreys would fall like valkyries
for one carved instant as they flew
in sky milk and those soft murmurings

endlessly repeating something we cannot hear
a deeper note is sounding, heard in the mines
I hear a thousand miles of hungry static

and the old clear water eating rocks
outside, the articulate wind annotates this; I read carefully
I have spoken to it in a foreign tongue

I didn’t mean to mention the price of snowsuits.

Carol A. Stephen
April 25, 2012


Lines from:
(Dorothy Livesay) (EJ Pratt) (Earle Birney) (Al Purdy) (F.R. Scott) (Leonard Cohen)
(Gwendolyn MacEwen) (Bronwen Wallace)