Small stones for a Winter Weekend Jan. 25 through Jan 27, 2013


Lunch at a Country Farm

Cold winter days call for hot soup
but beets are not on my list, still
polite behaviour requires I try,
surprised when that musty earthy taste
does not assault my tongue. This borscht
a spicy hot pink, perfect with raisin biscuits
and followed by a warm and fragrant
apple tart, redolent of cinnamon and spice.
Dog spit on my cheek optional.

English: Ukrainian borshch Українська: Українс...

English: Ukrainian borshch Українська: Український борщ Русский: Украинский борщ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CS Jan 25, 2013
Car Windows at 100 kph

Cold air on car windows begins
to fog as we reach the highway
I accelerate, take her up to 110 kph
and soon the side windows steam and fog
I brought a passenger this time, to fiddle
with vents and heat controls, bring back
blessed visibility and ability to change lanes
and take the corners, actually see what
lies ahead.

CS Jan. 26, 2013

I’m So Ready

to hear Sutton Sammy or Wiarton Willie
or Fred from Val d’Espoir, Quebec
predict how many more weeks of winter.

Just a few days before the furry rodents
make their annual appearance, and all
the superstitious people pronounce
how many weeks of winter left to come.

(Wiarton Willie Statue Wiarton Ontario Canada ...

(Wiarton Willie Statue Wiarton Ontario Canada – Photo By Shari Chambers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just open a calendar.
On February 2nd, you can see March 20th
is the first day of spring. Same number of weeks
whether the weather is sunny or not on every
Groundhog’s special Day.

CS Jan 27, 2013

Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 Small Stone


Today’s the first day since early December that there are no tests waiting for me, carrying worry that itches at me even when I’m trying not to worry. So for that I am thankful!

Worry changes nothing, but, despite Alexandra Petri’s article to the contrary, poetry does change things. It changes my mood, it changes outlook, it can make someone else feel like they are not the only one who has worry and doubt, or any of the many other things people may think they alone experience.

Off the Treadmill

of worry, of tests, of what
they all mean, and the stress
of stressing about stress.

No sense in worry, it changes nothing
except to add another layer of itself.

Time to set it aside, think about joy, no!
Experience the joy and happiness
of the small and ordinary.

CS Jan. 24, 2013

Frozen stone for Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013

jan13badgesmallFor today’s Mindful Writing Challenge, I’m afraid I’m thinking about this deep freeze here in the Ottawa area. Man, it is some cold!

Minus What?

Sky a palette of unbroken blue,
from the window you might see June
but for snow-covered roofs, and you know
when there are no clouds it will be cold.

Here in the suburbs no wind chill, but
in the city, it feels like minus 34. I can’t
remember what that is in “real” degrees,
so the internet tells me minus 26 is really –15
and minus 34’s a bonechilling minus 29.
Too cold for anything but soup, hot cocoa,
and a long, warm hug.

cs Jan. 23, 2013

Small stone for Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013

jan13badgesmallFor 48 hours I have to wear a holter monitor; a heart test to see if anything is going on. That’s on my mind, and so it resulted in today’s small stone, Wired.


a device measures
every heartbeat, my pulse rate
the pressure of the blood passing
from artery to heart to lungs
each whoosh and sigh
electrodes adhere by strong glue
and tape that itches and itches,
this constant itch reminds me
I’m still here to see the sun.

cs Jan. 22, 2013