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Interview on Ottawa Writes with the National President of the Canadian Authors Association, Matthew Bin. CAA is the oldest writing association in Canada, established in 1921 by Stephen Leacock, Pelham Edgar, B.K. Sandwell, John Murray Gibbon (who became its first president), and other prominent writers of the time, to lobby for the protection of authors’ rights, the Canadian Authors Association has continued to pursue this objective to this day. Instrumental in the 1924 copyright legislation, the Association began pressing for a new Copyright Act in the 1980s.

CAA also founded the Governor General’s Literary Awards in 1936, later turned over to Canada Council. You can read more about its history as well as its current programs and initiatives here: http://canadianauthors.org/national/about/history/

Ottawa Writes

In episode 25, Catherine and Kevin speak with Mathew Bin, president of the Canadian Authors Association (CAA) about this history of the CAA, Matthew’s background as a writer, what the organization has to offer Canadian authors, and much more.

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