Small Stone for Jan. 17, 2014

badge-14-300x300For January 17, I encounter Rilke‘s poem, The Lute. There is a sensuousness to this poem that strikes me first, and I am tempted to go with a different inspiration for today’s small stone. But as I think about the words in the poem, I begin to think about how the external world touches us, whether through another person, through music, or simply the kind of weather each day brings. Two of my friends suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter depression.

English: A 30 kHz bright light therapy lamp (I...

English: A 30 kHz bright light therapy lamp (Innosol Rondo) used to treat seasonal affective disorder. Provides 10,000 lux at a distance of 25 cm. credit: Wikipedia)

The last two or three winters I have been depressed, as that’s when all the body’s little complaints join together. Achy joints, sore back, and thoughts about getting older. Perhaps it is SAD for me too? A conversation with a friend suggests I should look for a lamp designed to help with this. So, tomorrow, perhaps, when there is no snow falling, I will go shopping for one.

Jan. 17, 2014

Is all thought formed
from an internal spark, or
does the outside world
also have its say?

Christmas 2009029I wonder whether grey sky
seeps into my thoughts,
creeps like snow through crevices
under my window, colouring my day.

Does Rilke’s writing on death
add its tinge of grief to my own,
as I mourn the passing days
and long for summer?    



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