Day 17 Small stone and my No-Comfort Zone challenge

3 Kokopellis dance,
each casts three shadows,
a distortion of design
and light. If I could
hear their flutes,
how many notes would play?

Carol A. Stephen

For my challenge this week, I have stepped outside my comfort zone and asked someone for help with something. My smoke alarms have been going off for no reason, except perhaps old age. I wrote a stone about it a couple of days ago. My brother isn’t here to help with it, so I reached out to a friend for help. For most of my life, I couldn’t do that, because of a great fear of rejection, even in such a simple thing.

Yesterday, he helped me choose new alarms, and today he will come back to put them up for me. That makes twice in a week that I have asked someone for help, actually.  The other day I also asked a neighbour to help me this winter with the snow in our shared driveway. I supply the equipment, he supplies the strength. That one was not quite so challenging though, since there was a benefit both ways. Today’s “ask” only benefits me, so that is a successful step outside the zone.  C

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